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Think outside the traditional investment box

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Ready to level up your retirement?

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What is Retirement Level Up?

Retirement Level Up is a podcast brought to you by

Kent Brown

Financial Advisor  

What is our mission?

To dive deeper into the world of Retirement, Markets, the Economy and Services with three main pillars:

Finishing Line

Reaching your financial goals

What does it take to achieve your financial goals?  One of the biggest concerns people have is whether they believe they'll run out of money.  Leveling up your retirement means  looking outside the traditional box for solutions to potential upcoming problems we can face with our retirement income.  What happens if we have another 2008 or a flat market, how will your retirement react right when you need it?

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Earning Your Trust

Earning someone's trust and striving to be honest should be the guiding principals that drive each person.  Not one person is perfect but we can strive to be trustworthy and honest in our daily lives even when it's hard, and especially when no one is looking.  We don't take lightly those two principals and try to uphold them each day.  What would happen in our society if more people tried to live by those two principals each day? 

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Education and Simplicity

Knowing how to communicate effectively is an important part of educating about retirement.  That's why we try to explain topics in a simple way.  We can make better decisions about our retirement when we are better educated and understand more complex parts of retirement.   It's hard to make a decision when we don't understand the subject we are trying to decide on.

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Reach your financial goals

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Go farther together

We are looking for individuals who would like to help clients take their retirement to the next level. 

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